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Mallorca Summer Offers
Es Foguero, Dinner Show,
Palma de Mallorca.

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Es Foguero, Dinner Show, Palma de Mallorca.

Gipsy Kings tribute by Group Sinai including - Bamboleo, Djobi-Djoba, Vamos a Bailar, Amor Gitano, Sevillanas, a mixture of rumba and flamenco…

Carmen - the world's most famous love story first presented in 1875.
     - Spanish ballet / flamenco by Victor Muro to the music of Bizet
     - acrobatic displays, live guitar music and horse display.
Set in Seville in 1820 - passion, treachery, love and deception ending in tragic death. Featuring don José, a young military officer who is in love with the beautiful gipsy cigar seller Carmen.

Menu Options - visit http://esfoguero.com/   for full details.

MENÚ “MEDITERRANEO” = 56 euros without transport or 66 euros with transport.

MENÚ “PLATINUM “      = 70 euros without transport or 79.50euros with transport.

MENÚ “VEGETARIANO“ = 56 euros without transport or 66 euros with transport.

MENÚ “INFANTIL ( ages 3 to 14 )
                                   = 20 euros without transport or 25 euros with transport.

Reservations Tel: 971 265 260.

Web Site: http://esfoguero.com/

Location: Es Fogueró is located just off exit No. 10 on the Palma - Santanyi motorway - approx 2 kms from Palma airport.      Map.





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